In August, scup can be caught all around Rhode Island, from shore and boat. It takes a fair-sized scup to keep chewing when there’s the smell of predators in the water. How To Catch A Scup. While porgies feed well throughout the tide, baits are best presented during the slow-current periods of one to maybe two hours on either side of slack tide. So if you want to fish for scup you have to get the same tiny lures down to very deep depths. We have saltwater fishing baits for sale from Yo Zuri, Northbar, Super Strike, 24/7, Daiwa and more than 100 other top brands. Usual protocol while fishing for scup is one that is quite easy and similar to flounder fishing. Popular methods of catching Scup are drifting, bottom fishing, and jigging. Good saltwater lures are a must for attracting fish to your line and for holding up in the deepest, saltiest waters. Slowly raise and drop the rod tip. Scup must be over the legal size limit to use as bait, which means they need to be big. Medium tackle with a 14 lb test line and natural bait like squid, worms, or clam is the most popular with these fish. Scales are large and firmly attached with iridescent purple tones. The jolthead porgy is found further south than the scup porgy. Drift over holes, humps or reefs and pay attention to your bait. Colors: Hogy Pro Tail Paddles are excellent imitations of bunker, herring, mackerel, butterfish and scup. You can tell most times when a scup … They will take bait readily and are fun to catch. The bream live shallow 1'-20' while scup live 10' - 40' most bream lures are designed to fish shallow similarly to how one would fish for small bass. Bottom fishing with bait DESCRIPTION : Scup is a small silvery marine species with a body shape very similar to the freshwater sunfish. The Scup (Stenotomus chrysops), or porgy is an Atlantic fish found from New England through Florida and the Bahamas. There are 2 primary species known as the scup and the jolthead. Slow, Targeted: Drop the bait to the desired depth. 111 Myrtle Street New Bedford, MA 02740 Phone: (508) 997-4787 Store Hours: Mon – Fri: 8am -4pm Let the bait swim down near the bottom, but have control of the bait, as to not allow it to swim into the kelp or rocks or your going to be getting snagged often. The recommended scup setup includes a spinning rod and reel combo suitable for … Scup battles can be particularly exciting on a medium-weight spinning or lightweight surf outfit carrying a 10 to 20-pound test line. Otherwise, you're just waving around an empty hook like a pirate. Technique and Bait Selection Though the porgy is not one of the hardest fish to catch technically, a proper presentation is still necessary. Scup should be hooked through the lips and drifted in deep water, preferably over hard-bottom areas where these fish typically gather. One necessity in porgy fishing is that the bait must be in the porgy… A good way to rig them is on a 3-way or sliding-sinker (fishfinder) rig, with an 8’ leader and an 8/0 circle hook. Some anglers prefer jigging small lures, but most prefer bait fishing. Scup was the most abundant fish in Colonial Times, landing the name "porgy," which was the American Indian for "fertilizer. The head is rather short with a small mouth and small, harmless teeth. Believe it or not, I often use strips of bluefish belly to deter small scup when they start to swarm—given the problematic relationship little porgies have with choppers. This will simulate a wounded baitfish that can’t make much progress swimming. Hogy Pro Tail Eels are excellent imitations of sand eels and squid. First off let me say that scup and bream are a bit different. The baits of choice for scup are sandworms or clams; however, porgies are known for their bait-stealing abilities, especially the shorts. Clam is for scent, the other, tougher bait for staying power. Bait and Hooks. Scup Method and Lures.

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