“About 2 years ago I had both hips replaced. I wanted to get back into exercise and regain strength, agility and lose some weight.

Working with Marta has been one of the best things I could have done. She was excellent in tailoring a program for my needs. With my hips I had to be especially careful to work with someone who did not see exercise as a one size fits all. But was able to work with me and achieve my goals while keeping me 100% safe. I feel so much better. My legs are much stronger. I am regaining flexibility and have lost about 11 pounds since working with Marta. I’ve probable have lost more unwanted pounds and put on some muscle.
I really feel I got 110% out of every session with Marta and would recommend her highly to anyone interested.

There is a saying: In the first part of our lives we sacrifice our health for money, then in the second part of our lives we spend our money to get our health back. Maybe there is a happy medium”

George Evans. Garden City, NY

“I have worked with different trainers over the years, never finding the right trainer who would listen to my needs. I was specifically looking for someone who would focus on my scoliosis as I wanted to make sure that I learned proper technique and the right exercises to develop strength, without causing injury. Working with Marta has been amazing for me! She is all about setting up a program that is right for your body and your fitness goals. She isn’t about the latest fad, but rather shares a variety of exercises to develop your full body strength, and motivates you to be your best self”

Karen Sweeney. Port Washington, NY

“My girlfriend and I were looking to train together, knowing that we’d motivate each other to make the time for ourselves. Marta has been flexible with our schedules, and worked closely with each of us in our sessions, despite our different injury prone areas. Working out with a friend is great and more cost efficient, but Marta has really motivated both of us and we have seen the results we were hoping for! She is pragmatic in her approach to getting us fit, and we continue to work with her because we enjoy it so much.”

Colleen Nawojchik. Port Washington, NY

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