D-FIT Diabetes
Exercise for the Diabetic client is considered one of the essential components of Diabetes care. I have been living with Type 1 Diabetes for over twenty years and I know that exercise and fitness has helped me stay strong and healthy.  D-FIT Diabetes is a specialized exercise program specifically tailored to the Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Individual (both type 1 and 2).  Medically it has been proven that engaging in a supervised exercise program has tremendous benefits and plays a significant role in delaying and even preventing diabetes related complications. It is important to note that there is a no “one size fits all”  Diabetic client.  The D-Fit Diabetes program is specific and individualized to each persons response to exercise based on a thorough assessment of the individuals medical history, current level of fitness, diabetic medication regimen, and overall level of health. The D-Fit Diabetes exercise program will incorporate strength/resistance training, aerobic fitness, core strength, flexibility and stretching while taking into account the challenges that arise during training (hyper and hypoglycemia).  I work with the individual to attain their fitness goal in the healthiest way possible. If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, could you imagine going off insulin? Reversing complications associated with the disease? You can start taking control of your condition with exercise and diet today. Engaging in a supervised exercise program in conjunction with a healthy diet and prescribed medication regimen will assist in:

– Enhancing the storage of blood glucose into skeletal muscle, thereby lowering abnormal blood glucose levels “increasing insulin sensitivity”.  Weight training specifically can build extra muscle and therefore increase the storage capacity for glucose. Glucose is stored with water as “glycogen”

– Lowering fasting blood sugar acutely and chronically

– Assisting in weight loss

– Reducing symptoms of depression and improving quality of life

– Lowering hemoglobin A1C levels

 – Preventing Cardiovascular Disease and other Diabetes related complications

– Preventing or delaying onset of Type 2 Diabetes

*Any individual that has been diagnosed with Diabetes (type-1 or 2), Pre-Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes must get clearance from their Medical Doctor before engaging in a structured exercise program.  Insulin-dependent diabetics need special advice. Insulin or medication doses and food consumption habits will probably need modification. Diabetic complications may require special consideration when it comes to exercise.  As a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Diabetes and exercise I will provide the most appropriate exercise program specific to your medical needs and fitness goals.

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