Everybody leads a hectic lifestyle and needs to manage personal and professional responsibilites. Life can be so busy that it is easy to fall into unhealthy habits. I want to make your training experience as convenient and comfortable as possible. Being a busy mother of two kids I understand that time is essential and therefore a training session should be convenient, result driven and comfortable at the same time. I provide training services in the following locations:


We will meet in a local park, school field/playground or your back yard. I will bring all the necessary equipment. You will be soaking up the sun and working up a sweat while achieving your fitness goals.

Your Home

Sometimes we can not make it to the gym or don’t feel comfortable in a commercial gym setting. Training in your home will give you complete privacy while you get closer to your goals. This is an excellent way to learn how little you need, equipment wise, to be able to stay fit and healthy . During the training session we will use any equipment you own or I will bring all the necessary equipment that will give you your desired results.

Fitness center or a Personal Trainer Gym

This offers the benefit of having more varied equipment available. A personal trainer gym unlike your normal gym is smaller in size and only available to a personal trainer and their clients.

My own personal training studio in Manhasset, NY

My training studio is equipped with the latest fitness equipment to ensure that you have an optimal and safe workout.

I believe that one gets the best result from training at least 2 to 3 times per week. If you are serious about your life and health and want to gain strenght or reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible contact me for pricing informaiton and training packages and to schedule your initial consultation.