I believe that Exercise goes far beyond aesthetic appeal, it increases strength, fitness, speed and power. The psychological benefits of exercise are profound. Fitness not only results in improved mood and emotional states, but also decreases symptoms associated with depression, improves body image, increases energy, reduces stress, and improves the ability to cope with stress.

It is my intention to help you enhance your current level of fitness and quality of life by providing you with an exercise program that will guarantee results. When meeting for the first time, I work with you on your individual goals and provide a fitness regimen that most directly correlates to your needs. While taking into account injury prevention and proper movement, I place emphasis on strength and resistance training as well as incorporate aspects of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), cardiovascular exercises, flexibility, balance, and core work.

For attaining that lean, sculpted look that we all want, I utilize a combination of short bursts of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with a solid weight training routine. This combined with a balanced diet will let one achieve; increased strength, faster metabolism, and ultimately, a super lean body. My goal for you is to optimize calorie expenditure and promote fat burn by increasing your metabolism.

One belief I have is this; a person will stick with a training program that has meaning to them. The training program that I will put together will guide you on your path toward achieving your fitness goal.

So believe in yourself, enjoy the process of training, and most importantly, listen to your body!!